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Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Classrooms

  • All teachers have access to the SEN register and as such are fully aware of the students in their classes who are on the SEN register.
  • Teachers are expected to differentiate their lessons to meet the individual needs of students through tailored planning of activities and resources, tailored questioning and language and will implement strategies advised by the SEN department.
  • Teachers have access to students IEPs / pupil profiles and the advice on them, it is expected this information will be used to identify differentiation required for a lesson.
  • All SEN students will have access to the full curriculum offered at Richard Rose Morton Academy and as such it is our responsibility to ensure they can access it.
  • Where appropriate TA support will be available in the classroom to ensure effective access to the curriculum. TAs will support the students understanding of the lesson and support the child to make progress.
  • The SEN department support teachers further by offering advice and guidance when planning for SEN students, help to make differentiated resources and support with assessment.