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Policy Downloads

Paper copies are available on request. 

Accessibility Policy November 2015.pdf 233KB Accessibility Policy
RRMA Admissions Policy 2016 and 2017.pdf 360KB Admissions Policy 2016/2017
RRMA Admissions Policy 2017 and 2018.pdf 324KB Admissions Policy 2017/2018
RRMA Admissions Policy 2018 and 2019 (1).pdf 260KB Admissions Policy 2018/2019
Anti Bullying Policy September 2016.pdf 285KB Anti Bullying Policy
Anti Radicalisation Policy March 2017.pdf 323KB Anti-Radicalisation Policy
Attendance Policy March 2017.pdf 291KB Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy.pdf 411KB Behaviour Poilicy
CIAG Policy Sept 2016.pdf 250KB Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf 243KB Charging & Remissions Policy
Children Missing in Education (CME)  Policy September 2016.pdf 277KB Children Missing in Education
Complaints Policy.pdf 373KB Complaints Policy
Controlled Assessment Policy.pdf 376KB Controlled Assessment Policy
Curriculum Policy Feb 2015.pdf 293KB Curriculum Policy
Data Protection Policy April 2015.pdf 639KB Data Protection Policy
Equality Analysis Report April 2016.pdf 421KB Equality Analysis Report
Equality Policy April 2016.pdf 279KB Equality Policy
Exam Appeals Policy.pdf 316KB Examination Appeals Policy
Examination Contingency Policy.pdf 401KB Examinations Contingency Policy
Examination Policy.pdf 481KB Examinations Policy
Freedom of Information Policy November 2014.pdf 501KB Freedom of Information Policy
HS Policy - 2014-15v2.pdf 1264KB Health & Safety Policy
Home Academy Agreement.pdf 340KB Home Academy Agreement
Lockdown Policy October 2016.pdf 281KB Lockdown Policy
More Able Policy June2015.pdf 254KB More Able Policy
Online E-Safety Policy October 2016.pdf 648KB Online E-Safety Policy
Pupil Premium Policy March 2017.pdf 267KB Pupil Premium Policy
Safeguarding Policy - Sept 2016.pdf 913KB Safeguarding Policy
Sex and Relationships Policy November 2014.pdf 258KB Sex & Relationships Policy
Special Educational Needs Policy.pdf 269KB Special Educational Needs Policy
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions September 2016.pdf 555KB Supporting Students with Medical Conditions