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Sensory and Physical Needs

§  Both Inclusion Coaches employed have a great deal of experience, expertise and training around medical conditions. This includes being able to provide physio onsite for students who may require this. The department have a dedicated medical room which also contains equipment such as a Hoist and medical bed. 

§  The department will carry out school risk assessments and plan appropriately to meet the needs of any students with medical needs or physical disabilities. A medical plan will be completed and appropriate staff training will be implemented as required. 

§  The school will work closely with any external agencies including the NHS to ensure quality of life and quality of educational provision for its student’s. The SENs staff will ensure regular contact with home and involve parents in all decision making about a student’s provision. 

§  The Academy spans 3 floors, we have an elevator in place to ensure access to all areas of the building. A member of staff will always be made available to escort students in the lift.

§  Appropriate assessments of students needs for exam concessions will also take place to ensure no disadvantage during internal or external examinations eg end of year tests, GCSEs etc. The SENCO will carry out the appropriate assessments and apply for support as is needed for individual students.