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Morton Academy currently use a variety of intervention programmes and resources. Intervention will be bespoke to meet the individual needs of students wherever possible.


§  Toe By Toe – phonics based scheme of work

§  IDL – Dyslexia based software, however is very effective for general literacy difficulties also.

§  Accelerated reader – Book based quizzes and comprehension reading tests designed to move students at their own pace, every session is tailored to individual levels, abilities and needs. This is also accessible from home for students and parents to access.

§  Use of rhymes, songs, games and a variety of stories and books designed to engage students at all abilities of reading independence.

The frequency of literacy intervention is dependent on the need of the student. Sessions could be organised daily, twice a week, weekly, every two weeks etc. Intervention can happen on a 1:1, paired or small group basis depending on the need of the child. Intervention can take two main forms, withdrawal from lesson to work with the literacy team in the library or in the classroom when one of the literacy team goes into the lesson.