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Primary -> Secondary Transition

  • The Academy strives to develop relationships with Primary schools and support all students in their transition to secondary school.
  • When a Primary school or external agency invite RRMA to any meetings for students intending to transition to us, we will always ensure an appropriate member of the team attends.
  • RRMA currently works with students from Y5 to prepare a tailored transition that ensures students are successful.
  • An appropriate member of the SENs team will attend all EHCP reviews in order to plan and support and effective transition to secondary school.
Tailored transitions can include:
  • A walk around the building – as many times as you need! Parents are welcome to join in.
  • 1:1 time in the SENs department
  • Small group sessions in the SENs department with peers
  • Cooking clubs
  • Sports activities
  • Staff may (if appropriate) come and spend time with the student in the primary school to develop a relationship
  • Activities / interventions in the library

The SENs department will strive to meet any requirements an individual child has in order to ensure they have a positive experience when transitioning.