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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who do I speak to if I’m worried about my child’s progress?

Answer – if you are worried about multiple subjects, speak to the Head of Year or SENCo. If it is one subject, try speaking to the class teacher to identify if there is an issue.

Question: My child finds reading hard, how do I get help?

Answer – Speak to the SENCo or SEN team, we can spend some time assessing your child’s progress and from there make a decision with you about how best to help.

Question: What is an IEP or pupil profile?

Answer – At RRMA we use an individual education plan or pupil profile to help share targets, offer advice and monitor progress. You will be invited to be involved in the writing and implementation of these if your child needs one.

Question: What if my child needs ore support than your school can offer?

Answer – RRMA will strive to meet your child’s needs, in the rare event that we cant, we will take advice from external specialists and work closely with both them and yourselves to ensure we make all reasonable adjustments that we can for your child to access everything we have to offer.

Question: What is an EHCP?

Answer – An EHCP is an EDUCTAION HEALTHCARE PLAN. It is the new version of a statement, but improved. An EHCP is designed to ensure that all agencies work closely together to support a child more effectively and that we work closely with parents and the child to make sure all their needs are met.

Question : How do I get an EHCP for my child?

Answer – The Local Authority would carry out a statutory assessment to identify if your child meets the criteria for one to be implemented.

Question : How do I get in touch if I want to speak to someone?

Answer – See the contact page for details.