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Year 10

Module 1

Approx 8 weeks

Module 2

Approx 8 weeks

Module 3

Approx 8 weeks

Module 4

Approx 8 Weeks

Curriculum Coverage:

Holidays: general info and weather, summer holidays, preferences, opinions, a past holiday, accommodation and problems.

Curriculum Coverage:

School and education: subjects and opinions, uniform, the school day, subjects and teachers, facilities, school rules and problems, school exchange, extracurricular activities and achievements.

Curriculum Coverage:

Friends and family: socialising, family, describing people, social networks, making arrangements, reading preferences, relationships.

Curriculum Coverage:

Interests and influences: free-time activities, TV programmes and films, nationality, sports, trends, types of entertainment, role models.

Assessment 1

Speaking (in class).

Mock exam: listening, reading and writing papers.


Assessment 2

Listening, reading and writing papers.


Assessment 3

Speaking and listening.


Assessment 4

Reading and writing.




Grammar focus:


‘hacer’ in the preterite tense.

The present tense.

Verbs of opinions.

Preferir, tener, ir.

The preterite tense.

The imperfect tense.

Using usted.

Using 3 tenses together.

Grammar focus:


Opinion verbs.

Adjectival endings (agreement).

Comparatives and superlatives.


Verbs with an infinitive.

The near future.

Asking questions.

Direct object pronouns.

Grammar focus:


Possessive adjectives.

Poder and querer.

Adjectival endings.

Para + infinitive.

The present continuous tense.

Ser and estar.

Reflexive verbs for relationships.

The personal ‘a’.

Grammar focus:



Adjectives of nationality.

Soler + infinitive.

The imperfect tense.

The perfect tense.

Useful adjectives.

Using different past tenses.