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Advice and Support

Student Welfare
During the Academy day there is an onsite school nurse, a number of first aiders, opportunities for counselling and 1-1 sessions where needed.

Work Related Learning
Year 11
One of the key areas for promoting work related learning with Y11 has been the use of external visitors. We have contacted many businesses and organisations this year to use within the assembly times to inform the pupils of ‘what is out there’.
This has ranged from 6th forms, colleges, apprenticeships, Universities and businesses both small and large coming in to inform pupils of what steps they can take to pursue their career hopes. From these talks, pupils have gained the knowledge of how to apply for various opportunities – as well as understanding what opportunities actually exist. This has also helped pupils learn what they need to achieve in year 11 to follow their various paths.
Year 11 have weekly assemblies where information is provided to them on such skills as writing CV’s, cover letters and how to conduct themselves within an interview situation. Both the HoY and the Pastoral team have helped students on a one-to-one basis to enhance the quality of their CV’s, applications and cover letters. 

Year 10
Each year our Year 10 students embark on a week of work experience. We fully support this as a crucial way for our young people to experience the world of work and have an opportunity to manage themselves in a professional and mature way. Many of our students use this experience to get a taste of what the field they are interested in would be like in the future, further encouraging them to be aspirant and pursue their goals.