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Year 11

Module 5

Approx 8 Weeks

Module 6

Approx 8 weeks

Module 7

Approx 8 weeks

Module 8

Approx 8 weeks

Curriculum Coverage:

Towns/Cities: places in a town, directions, shopping for souvenirs, clothes and presents, features of a region, planning what to do, problems in a town, a past visit.

Curriculum Coverage:

Custom and culture: mealtimes, daily routine, illnesses and injuries, typical foods, festivals, describing a special day, ordering in a restaurant, talking about a music festival.


Curriculum Coverage:

Work: jobs, preferences, earning money, work experience, learning languages, summer jobs, applications, gap years, plans for the future.

Curriculum Coverage:

Environment and lifestyle: types of houses, environment, healthy eating, diet-related problems, global issues, local actions, healthy lifestyles, international sporting events, natural disasters.

Assessment 5

Speaking, listening, reading and writing.




Assessment 1


Speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Assessment 2


Listening and writing.

Assessment 3


Speaking and reading.

Grammar focus:


Polite form of address.

Se puede(n) + infinitive.

The future tense.

Demonstrative adjectives.

The conditional – regular and irregular verbs.

So..., so much.., so many…

Using the preterite and the imperfect.

Grammar focus:


Reflexive verbs.


The passive.

Avoiding the passive.

Preterite tense of reflexive verbs.

Absolute superlatives.

Irregular verbs in the preterite tense.

Expressions followed by the infinitive.

Grammar focus:


Masculine and feminine nouns.

Soler in the imperfect tense.

Using the preterite and the imperfect tense.

Present and present continuous.

Indirect object pronouns.

The conditional.

The imperfect subjenctive.

Phrases to express future plans.

Cuando + present subjunctive.

Grammar focus:


Se debería.

The present subjunctive.

The subjunctive in commands.

The pluperfect tense.

The imperfect continuous.